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The Aleph Emblem

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting developed the Aleph emblem to help you, a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout who is Jewish, learn more about Judaism. Just as Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the activities you are about to start working on are among your first steps as a Scout that will lead you to understanding more about your religion. Working on the Aleph emblem also will help you get to know better your rabbi or religious school teacher. One of them will be your counselor and will help you along the way.

When May I Start Working on It?

You may begin to work on the Aleph emblem as soon as you enter the third grade. Most Cubs begin work on the Aleph emblem when they are working on their Bear or Webelos badge. All requirements must be completed while the Cub is a registered member of a Cub Scout pack and before he completes the fifth grade in school.

What Does the Aleph Emblem Look Like and Where Do I Wear It?

The Aleph emblem is a medal worn over the left pocket of your Cub Scout uniform. It has a Torah and a Ner Tamid on it, to remind you that once you have earned it, others will depend upon you to teach them.

How Do I Start Working on It?

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Along with your mom and dad, talk to your rabbi or religious school teacher about being your counselor. If you live in a community that has no synagogue or rabbi, contact the National Jewish Committee on Scouting for assistance at 972-580-2171.
  2. Start working on the activities (which are listed on the other side of this page) and keep a neat record of your work in a notebook.
  3. As you finish each activity, discuss what you have done with your mom or dad or counselor.
  4. When you have finished all the activities, have your mom or dad and counselor sign the page called "Certification," and one of them will send away for the emblem. The notebook is for you to keep and use. Also, contact your local council service center to advise the local Jewish committee on Scouting of your achievement.
  5. You will soon receive your emblem at a Scout Sabbath service or at another important ceremony.

Activities for Earning the Aleph Emblem

    1. Name the five books of the Torah.
    2. Which of the Ten Commandments do you know best? Name five of the commandments.
    3. In your notebook, tell what these five commandments mean.
    4. In your notebook, try to copy one verse of the Torah as it is found in a Torah scroll, or write the meaning of the English verse in your own words.
    1. Recite the "Shema" in Hebrew.
    2. In your notebook, tell what the words of the "Shema" mean to you.
    3. Learn the Hebrew blessings over bread, wine, and fruit.
    1. Give the Hebrew names of six Jewish holidays observed during the year.
    2. Describe how these six holidays are observed.
    3. In your notebook, tell which of the Jewish holidays you like the most,and why.
    4. On which holidays are the following objects used?
      • Shofar
      • Spice box
      • Menorah
      • Cup of Elijah
      • Haggadah
      • Megillah
      • Lulav (palm branch)
    5. Draw or paint two of these objects or make them out of cardboard, wood, or metal.
    1. Tell the story of two of these Bible heroes: Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Rachel, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Solomon, Deborah, or Elijah.
    2. In your notebook, tell why you chose these two heroes.
    • In your notebook, write a brief report on two great American Jews. Here are a few examples: Asher Levy, Haym Salomon, Francis Salvador, Judah Touro, Uriah P. Levy, Emma Lazarus, Jacob H. Schiff, Louis D. Brandeis, Albert Einstein, Henrietta Szold, and Rebecca Gratz.
    1. Attend sabbath services at least twice a month for three months and report on one Torah reading for each month.
    2. In your notebook, draw pictures of the Ark and the Ner Tamid in your synagogue and describe what they mean to the Jewish people.
    1. Which object on the outside of a house or an apartment tells us that Jews live there?
    2. Draw this object or make it out of wood, plastic, cardboard, or metal.
    1. Read a book, magazine article, or news item about Israel and write a report on it in your notebook.
    2. Tell what you know about two cities or places in Israel. Examples are: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Negev, Haifa, the Kotel (Western Wall), Masada, Beersheva, and the Galilee.
    3. Draw the flag of Israel or make it out of construction paper or cloth, and write a paragraph describing its meaning to Jews the world over.

Application Form
Download an application for the Aleph Emblem.

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