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  • The Dallas Jewish Committee on Scouting is a division of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. These committees are associated with the Boy Scouts of America in their Relationships area. The purpose of the DJCoS is to promote Scouting amongst Jewish youth and to bring the values of Judaism to Scouting.


  • Tzofim Friendship Caravan
    performs at the JCC

    The Tzofim Friendship Caravan will crisscross North America bringing Israeli culture and goodwill through their unique blend of smiles, songs, and dances in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. The Caravan is coming to our community, so come see the show!

    Appropriate for all ages

    Last night, Saturday, July 11, 2015, the Caravan performed at  Circle Ten Scout Center.

    See Photos from Performance

    Voluntary donations appreciated

    What: Come see the Caravan perform their unique show! Bring your friends and family
    Date: Sunday, July 12th, 2015
    Time: 3:30 p.m.
    Where: Congregation Shearith Israel
    Beck Sanctuary
    9401 Douglas Avenue [map]
    Dallas, TX  75225
    Contact: David Abrams

    Learn all of the Details

    Schedule of Appearances

    July 9     Camp Constantin
    July 11 7:30 pm   Circle Ten HQ
    July 12 3:30 pm   Shearith Israel
    July 13 10:30 am   National Scouting Museum
    July 13 12:30 pm   National Scouting Museum
    July 15 5:30 pm   Museum of Biblical Art
  • Click on the slides to watch a slide show of the Israel Scout-Tzofim Caravan activities in the Dallas area
    Click on slides to watch a slide show about the Caravan visit

Recent Activities

  • Scout Shabbat

    Scout Shabbat Patch for 2015On Friday, February 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. we sponsored a Scout Shabbat Friday night service. The location was Congregation Tiferet Israel at 10909 Hillcrest Road.
    More about Scout Shabbat
  • Religious Emblems Workshop

    On Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El we conducted a Religious Emblems Workshop where Cub and Boy Scouts worked toward earning one of the four Jewish awards available to Scouts of various ages. The date for an upcoming workshop near the end of this year will be announed soon.

    See a slideshow of a previous workshop
  • College Scholarships Available

    The National Jewish Committee on Scouting each year awarda scholarships to Jewish Eagle Scouts who best meet the qualifications. There are three different scholarship categories and at least five different Eagles will be awarded financial aid. Application deadline for the most recently awarded scholarships was February 28, 2015. Submission of applications for next year's scholarships will open on November 1, 2015. Don't waste any time. Keep checking this site for the 2016 scholarship application when it becomes available!
    More about Scholarships for Eagles

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In the preface to the 1908 edition of Scouting for Boys, Lord Baden-Powell shared his vision for Scouting when he wrote:
"Let us, therefore, in training our Scouts, keep the higher aims in the forefront, not let ourselves get too absorbed in the steps. Don't let the technical outweigh the moral...Field efficiency, backwoodsmanship, camping, hiking, good turns, jamboree comradeship are all means, not the end. The end is character with a purpose. And that purpose, that the next generation may be sane in an insane world, and develop the higher realization of service, active "service of love, and duty to God and neighbor.